Saturday, Feb 23, 2019
  • I’ve been putting PC’s together from scratch since I was 11, and I know basic circuitry thanks to my stepdad. He’s a technical engineer and helped spark my love for technology, computers, and cyber security.
  • Founded and ran the Cyber Security Club with my peer, Eric, at Riverbend High School from 2013 to 2015.
    • The club was created so we could form teams to represent our school in the Cyber Patriot competitions.
  • With the help of Eric’s grandfather, we found coaches to help us learn the basics of cyber security and ethical hacking.
  • I competed in Cyber Patriot District, State, and Regional competitions with my team.
    • While we didn’t place top 2 in regionals, it was still a huge learning experience and mistakes were accounted for.
    • I received a Certificate of Achievement from the Air Force Association forĀ  accomplishments while competing.
  • I competed for Riverbend High School in the Virginia Tech Cyber Security Summit with my most reliable peers.
    • In my senior year of high school, we were invited to a college competition by the Virginia Tech Cyber Security Club. It was a game of Capture the Flag they played every year with many of the other state colleges. We were honored to be invited and we placed 4th place, it was a very interesting competition to be a part of. It made me gain a newfound respect for penetration testing and ethical hacking.
  • I took Java Programming my senior year of high school.
    • Maintained a 99% throughout the year.
    • My teacher wanted me to join her student team for the VCU Java programming competition, and I gave it a shot. It ended up being so much fun, and I got to sit and speak with the head of the Department of Computer Science.
  • Self taught programmer in Python, Lua, Javascript, and HTML5/CSS.
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